Conference “Legal Review of Inhumane Disasters against Muslims”

With the help of the Imam Khomeini Institute and the collaboration of the Islamic Educational University, the “Legal Review of Inhumanity Disasters against Muslims” conference was held on Monday, 24/7/96 at the Imam Khomeini Institute of Education and Research Hall, Amin, Islamic Republic of Iran Blvd.

This conference is dedicated to reviewing the legal remedies to protect the oppressed Muslims of Myanmar, Bahrain, Yemen and … with the speeches of Dr. Gholam Ali Ghasemi, a faculty member of the Faculty of Law and the deputy director of the University of Qom, and Dr. Massoud Akhvanfard, International from the University of Strasbourg, Glasgow. Conference on the “Legal Review of Human Rights against Muslims” in cooperation with the Islamic Educational University, Al-Mustafi University of Al-Almayyah, Islamic World Approach, Universal Network of the Provinces, Rasa News Agency, Qom Lawyers Basij Organization, Qom Municipality, Qom Municipality Basij Foundation and University of Qom Qom will be held.