Joint Meeting of Islamic Education University and Institute of Future Education

The Mahdism Doctrine is a convention that is held in conjunction with the Mahdavi discussions annually and by the bright future institute with the participation and cooperation of some universities and scientific and research centers. This year, the Islamic Educational Institute, like the past few years, is contributing to this. On this basis, the first joint meeting between the Islamic Educational University and the Institute for Future Studies was held on Saturday, 29/06/1396. The meeting was held at the university’s research deputy and with the presence of deputy research director, research director and managers of research groups of the Islamic University of Islamic Studies.
It is noteworthy that Mr. Hussein Salam and Dr. Mansouri, the director of the Quran and Islamic texts have been selected as the representative of the university, and professors and students can contact the Quran and Islamic Texts Research Group for more information on how to cooperate and participate in the special commission of the university. Assignment of the Special Commission on the day of the conference is subject to the submission of the article by the Islamic Educational Institution and individual articles will not be subject to an obligation to attend the commission.